here's  a tip for manufacturer's, and I find it hard to believe they haven't caught on, but don't put a number on the sleeping bag title if that's not the rating.

when we read 'men's trailbreak 20' it infers, whether you like it or not, that it's going to keep you warm to 20F.  You get it? Keep you warm at 20, not extreme, not lower, but keep you warm!! As in designed for 20.

I had a elderly companion this past January who told me he was absolutely freezing the night before even though his bag was rated "20". I asked him to go find the interior label, he did and was surprised to find that it was not a "20" bag, but was 'comfort rated' to only about 35. Then call it a 35 bag, not a 20!

I told him to take the bag back, he did.

This exact same thing happened to me a few years ago with a NF bag from REI, and I learned that hard, ugly, lesson.  Still fuming over it...can you tell?

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