@Dice - Thanks for starting such a great topic! I love hearing what people have to say. I have used a Kammok Double since 2013 and slept in it a countless number of nights.

I move a lot while I sleep, so figuring out how to stay comfortable took some trial and error. The technique that ended up being a game changer for me is putting something with a bit of weight (usually my headlamp) in the side pocket, throwing that over the other side cocooning me in place, then tucking the hammock between my torso and arms so I can move around as much as I want without the hammock splaying open. Having a double is key here or I imagine I would get claustrophobic! 

I tried a friend's bridged hammock on a kayak-packing trip once and learned how much I appreciated the versatility of my parachute-style one while packing. Being able to shove mine into tiny little corners of the boat is a big selling point for me! 

@nathanu@Earthmom@Dad_Aint_Hip@plars83@Pxlchk1 - What hammocks are you all using? Would love to hear your additions to this fun topic!

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