I've had a Hennessy Hammock for over ten years, and it was OK, and the hot item for backpacking in the White Mountains in NH, the Greens in VT and here in the Berkshires in Connecticut, because you never have to hunt around for a tent site. One can camp on a steep hillside or in an area not suited for tenting no problem. Sometimes with the Hennessy I'd find myself waking in a weird position and getting a bad nights sleep.  This past year I did get the REI Quarter Dome bridge hammock (unfortunately discontinued) and it's more comfortable, requires less fiddling, and is very suitable to the restless side sleeper.  The only issue I had was the fly that came with it was barely large enough, and I found another slightly longer wider fly.  I find the bridge hammock much less constricting... and I found myself sleeping not just backpacking but also in the back yard frequently all summer, and well into the late fall, and NEVER had a bad night.  It's a bit heavier, but totally worth the extra weight.  If I didn't already have the REI Quarter Dome, I'd definitely get the Ridgerunner Hammock  from Warbonnet.  I don't think you could flip any bridge hammock (especially not the REI) no matter how much you thrashed around.