Does a person or companie sales inflatable air matres custom size? Because I purchuse a nemo elite tent but it size is irregular. It is 50" to 42" wide. Im looking for an air matres of 50" to 42" or 30" to 20" and cant find none 


Generally light weight 2 person tents require the use of 2 20 inch pads to avoid overlap when used by 2 people. Some pads are tapered also which helps with this and may allow the use of a wider pad. Also it is generally more comfortable to use a 3 person tent for two people and that will allow the use of wider pads.  

Less lightweight 2P tents generally have a rectangular floor designed to allow 2 25 inch rectangular pads.

I doubt custom pads are available for general purchase. It is possible to cut down and reseal some inflatable pads which some people do mostly to save weight. 


Hi @Bobby01 - Thanks for reaching out! We agree with @OldGuyot's suggestions about traditional backpacking ground pads. There are some great options that would work well in your Nemo tent.  If you are looking for one that will take up almost the entire ground area of your tent, the Big Agnes Insulated SLX Tent Floor Sleeping Pad is a good option. 

If you are thinking about using a classic air mattress, those generally only come in standard dimensions: twin (39” x 75”), full (54” x 75”), queen and king. It looks like only a twin size air mattress will fit in the Nemo Hornet Elite, which would leave you with a little bit of space on either side.

If you do plan to use a standard air mattress, know that they do not provide much insulation like the sleeping pads do. If you are going to be camping in colder weather, bringing along a closed-cell foam pad for underneath the air mattress will help.

Let us know if you have any additional questions and we'll be happy to help!

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