Hi @TEDthebed - sorry you had cold legs and feet. I am a very cold-natured person, so I feel your pain! 

@REI-BrettF gave some great suggestions, especially the warm water bottle trick which is one of my personal favorites!

Other things I would recommend would be to empty your bladder before you get in your bag. Your body works so hard to keep your urine warm, that it can compromise the heat that goes to your extremities. That also means getting up in the middle of the night if you need to pee!

I have recently converted to Down Booties and have noticed a significant difference with how much warmer my feet are while camping! I think my midweight merino wool socks were too snug around my calves (which are honestly not that impressive), and were therefore reducing blood flow - and therefore warmth - to my toes. Down booties are light and packable, so they are easy to backpack with! And happy feet = sleeping well = healthy mind and body.

Hope that helps! If any of these suggestions work for you, please let us know!

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