Hi there, Does REI carry a backpacker cookset that will also work with the induction stove in my camper (it would need to be magnetic)?


I'm not an REI employee (obviously) so I hope it's okay to answer this.

I bought an induction converter plate for around $15 so that I didn't have to buy a new cookset just to be able to use my induction burner. 

It's not as efficient as having a proper pot but it's not far off of it, either. I am happy with the $15 expense and think it was worth it.

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Hi @JohnCrow - Thanks so much for bringing this question to the community! Like @Dad_Aint_Hip said, a converter plate is a great option. With one of those in your camper, you would be able to use any backpacking cookset.

None of the stainless steel or titanium sets we offer have strong magnetic pulls on the bottom, meaning they won't work with your induction stove. If you aren’t concerned with weight, a mini cast iron would work, but otherwise a converter plate is the way to go. Hopefully this helps!

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@REI-CarterC @Dad_Aint_Hip  Thanks all! I did purchase a GSI Stainless 1 person Mess Kit as per advice of an REIer.  I was concerned at first as it didn’t have much of a magnetic pull, but it did boil water pretty quickly on my induction stove which is exactly what I needed.