From a few dissections I have seen I think the problem with mold developing from breath moisture is overstated.  Possibly it is a problem in warm humid environments but since its warm and humid anyway, not using your lungs probably won't make much difference.  Possibly it varies between people.  

It might be more of a problem for self inflating pads since there are more crevices where mold could form.   My guess is that it is probably more important to let thing dry out before you pack it away when you get home (eg store flat in a dry cool place with the valve admittedly more lightly used than I intended, self inflating pads were always inflated by mouth and are now around 15 years old and work fine)

So I don't think inflators are necessary and I don't bother using one for my x-lite.

That said, my daughter recent got an new gen X-lite Regular Wide and it came with an inflation bag which I dismissed as unnecessary and hard to use but she found to work very well and much preferred it particularly at much for my expert opinion.