Hey everyone! Although I have been hiking and camping for the majority of my life, and have spent more money on gear and clothing over the years than I care to tabulate, I just recently made the investment in an insulated, inflatable sleeping pad.  Previously I had used a variety...no pad, foam pads, and cheap, non-insulated inflatables that I didn't care much about, and when car camping, the larger self-inflating pads.  And even the occasional "glamping" trip with an air mattress.

So, now that I have an expensive inflatable, filled with fibrous insulating material, the issue of moisture from inflating by mouth has entered the equation.  

What has everyone's experience been with mold developing?  With possible freezing during winter camping?  Any other pitfalls I haven't thought of?  Should I get some sort of pump or other device?  Or am I over-thinking things and should just shut up and blow it up with lung-power?

Any thoughts and recommendations are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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