Hi folks,

I will be returning to the US in December and will be driving from the East Coast to the West Coast and camping along the way.  Initially, I had planned to come back in September but COVID-19 stopped that as my airline ticket from Bangkok (where I live) got cancelled.  So I am now set for December.  


So, I'd like some advice from folks as to where you suggest I go.  I won't be dealing with snow so the northern route so those lovely mountains - the Rockies, GT, the Sierras will be missed on this trip but I plan to visit and camp and hike (short 2 or 3 day stays) as I work myself westward.  I am looking at Big Bend National Park, Lincoln National Forest, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Joshua Tree for starters.  I will work my way up the West Coast as far as Seattle so will take a peek at Olympic National Park, again, avoiding snow.

Any other suggestions?  I'm open to all kinds of snow free ideas.  I will have 6 or 7 weeks so not in any hurry..