Hey Judy,

Thanks for reaching out! While replacement rainflys are not available to purchase, the good news is that as long as the fabric of your rainfly is intact (no holes, rips, or tears), the process by which you can remove the sealant residue and reapply it is fairly straightforward. It's a little time consuming, but it should bring your tent right back to life! It is fairly normal for seam sealant to become brittle over time, a lot of it comes down to how it is stored, how long it is stored for, etc. We have had many conversations here in the community around rainflys, I encourage you to check some of them out.

This conversation, 'Replacement rain fly half dome 2 plus', is a great place to start. I'll also tag you in that thread so you can find the spot where @xleafr goes step by step how they treated their rainfly.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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