I noticed flakes on the floor of my tent when I took it out, not being quite sure what it was. Then I noticed the material outside the seam was all cracked on the rain fly. Recently I used it and one rainy night it starting leaking. Not amused.
I have always hung it on the line to dry before I stored it in a closet and only use it twice a year if I’m lucky.
When I brought it to the REI store near me to ask about how to repair it, an associate told me I couldn’t replace just the rain fly (the rest of the tent is perfectly fine) and seam tape wouldn’t work. I told him I had had an old canvas tent that lasted for 40 yrs. and he said they don’t make things like they used to. I certainly know THAT for a fact, but leaking after only 8yrs?!
Do I really have to throw away a perfectly good tent because I can’t purchase just the rain fly? Unless this seam design has been improved, I’m reluctant to buy another REI tent. Please advise.