Does anyone know where a fledgling hiker (4 miles in and out total) can find others in MA to hike/walk with? I am getting over an illness and need a companion to go out on trails before icing begins! Thanks!


Hi @Kasha-

Glad to hear you're spending time outdoors during your recovery!

I've found that a great way to meet people with a shared enthusiasm for the outdoors is by volunteering with local organizations. Our partners over at The Friends of the Blue Hills have a number of Trail Maintenance and Invasive Removal days lined up in November that may be of interest to you.

And once you've made it to the Blue Hills…the Abigail Adams Trail is a fantastic hike, it's a 2-mile round-trip, moderately steep hike with striking views of Boston.

Have fun out there!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @Kasha,  I am in the same boat you are!  I am in Boston, MA and can do about 4-5 miles at a time.  I would be up for meeting or getting together a group of people to hit the trails with.