Hi! I recently moved to the Boston area (Somerville) and started getting into climbing again so I’m looking to meet other climbers! Indoor and outdoor, top rope and bouldering. I’m pretty out of practice but eager to get back into it and have fun with cool climbing friends. Let me know if you’re in the area and would like to climb sometime! 

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Hi @molmos - Thanks for reaching out!

While we are hopeful some other Boston area climbers will find your post here, we also wanted to pass along a few suggestions. There are lots of climbing gyms in the greater Boston area and people are often looking for partners when they go solo.

The Central Rock Watertown location has a facebook page specifically for finding climbing partners, while Central Rock's Cambridge location (closer to Somerville) is a bouldering gym and training facility, so you could meet people without needing a belay. 

The Brooklyn Boulders Somerville gym also has classes and a co-working space which could be good avenues to meet other climbers beyond simply visiting the gym and asking around. 

Hopefully this is a good start. If you have any additional questions about climbing or outdoor activities in the Boston area, you can ask them here in the community and we'll be happy to help!

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