Hey @Sarah1 

Thanks for reaching out to us! The Habanera is a very comfortable sleeping bag, but you're right it can be bulky for backpacking! I would recommend sticking with a women's specific sleeping bag for a couple reasons. First, the temperature rating on a women's specific sleeping bag is rated to where you'll likely be comfortable at night. The men's sleeping bag temperature ratings tell you the lower limit of the sleeping bag - not necessarily the temperature you'd be comfortable at! Second, lots of women's specific sleeping bags intentionally add extra insulation in key parts of the sleeping bag to help trap body heat in. You may want to check out the REI Magma 15. This is a great sleeping bag with a comfort temperature rating of 17 degrees. The regular length fits up to 5'6" and weighs 2 lbs 4 oz. The Nemo Disco is another great sleeping bag, and would be a great way to use your member 20% off coupon! The Disco is a little bit heavier than the magma, weighing 2 lbs 15 oz for the regular length, but it's also rated to 17 degrees for comfort. What's cool about the Disco is it uses Nemo's "spoon" technology so it gives you a bit more space to move around, especially if you're a side sleeper or like to stretch your legs out. The Disco also has a couple zippers on the front - these are like gills - in the event you do get too warm, you can open the gills up to let some air out, or keep them closed on extra chilly nights!

The Igneo you borrowed from your husband was likely rated to a comfort temperature of 28 degrees, so both the Magma and Disco will be about 10 degrees warmer than the Igneo. Either of these options would be a great 3-season sleeping bag you can use for backpacking!

I hope this helps, and happy adventuring!



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