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I tried a 6 moons trekking pole tent about 7 yrs ago on my 2nd Maroon Bells 4 Pass Loop hike, the only negative I had, was the inside was black and made me feel like I was in a coffin.  I followed it up with a Tarp Tent "Notch" which was white on the inside and had a 'luminescence' to it so I never felt 'closed in', made it seem like it had more room than actually had.  Am now using a z-packs duplex, incredibly light, but not durable, needs constant micro hole patching and 'all areas' water proofing.  ps the 'micro-holes' are on the top sides of the tent, not the floor, grrrrrrrr.

It's a woodland camouflage material, so maybe a squirrel jumped on it, I don't know.

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