These are concerning times, no doubt, however in the midst of the confusion (and without getting into too much detail), you may be thinking a wilderness outing, whether into the front country or backcountry might be a [temporary] answer. As I frequently say, “wilderness survival is just an extension of wilderness safety, and wilderness safety is all about RISK MANAGEMENT.” And on that point…

First, listen ONLY to the scientists!! NOT the politicians!!! This includes Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s foremost authority (and perhaps Dr. Sanjay Gupta). Both have a large presence on TV and YT (yes, doctors are “scientists”, too). Do this just before you go and just before you get back!

Second, BEFORE you go out to the wilderness, be sure you have ALREADY practiced “social distancing” to be SURE you have none of the serious indicators (fever, coughing, but most especially difficulty breathing, C-19 is a RESPIRATORY disease (social distancing is staying at least one to two meters away from other people), REGARDLESS if they are showing symptoms or not!

Third, CONTINUE to practice social distancing AND good hygiene even after you get to the wilderness! Just because you are “in the open”, that does NOT mean you can’t still contract C-19!! Even so, I would suggest (and recommend) using/bringing a satellite communicator like Garmin's InReach Mini (a smartphone if you can get a signal) to get status updates while you're out AND to call for emergency help (ONLY if you need emergency help!)

Fourth, on the subject of masks, the ONLY people who should be wearing masks (specifically, the ”N-95 [respirator]”) are healthcare workers (AT WORK) or those WITH C-19 symptoms!!! Otherwise, you are part of the problem!! There is a SEVERE shortage of these masks, and other protective wear, for healthcare workers and we NEED them to stay healthy. Besides, if you are wearing these, or “surgical” masks, you are just ‘begging’ for infection (when you exhale, you are creating an ideal, moist environment for C-19!) If you feel you must take steps, I would place a tissue over my mouth/nose, then hold it in place with a Buff/bandana/etc. When you feel it getting moist, replace it.

And fifth, as in ALL “survival” situations, common sense (and if in a team/group survival situation, like now, common courtesy) is the call of the day!!! DO be concerned, but do NOT panic! Again, and as always, inform yourself from DEPENDABLE sources (again, the scientists, NOT the politicians).

Be smart, be safe, see you in three weeks.