We had plans to go to the Grand Canyon in 3 weeks (week before Easter) for our spring break. It would've been our first backpacking experience to see if "I" could give up the car camping and survive with less equipment, supplies and comforts, LOL. My boyfriend and his 30 yr old son and me with my 24 yr old daughter (all from different states)...it would've been so good for all of us to get to know each other. Soooo disappointed that because of COVID-19 we have to cancel all of our plans after just purchasing over $3,000 worth of stuff not to mention 4 plane tickets too. Sooo bummed I'm now stuck at home because the schools here are closed indefinitely per our state governor last night (I'm a school bus driver, now with no work). With #'s rising fast, I'm sure they will have "shelter at home" rules here soon too with no ability to go anywhere. It's like a bad dream but in real life or like so many movies that have been made on the topic... scary stuff. I'm all alone now because I live alone. Happy to see there's a place here to "connect with other outdoor enthusiasts, share knowledge and inspiration, discuss ideas, and build relationships". Thank you REI family.... you're awesome!!!!