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This is a great topic and highly applicable to my life as well. Thanks for posting!

My wife has really bad seasonal allergies that have made going outside nearly impossible. We had the opposite situation from @Hikes_in_Rain, however, as her allergies were manageable until we moved to Alaska and that's when they got really bad. She was recently tested by an allergist as well and her three biggest allergies are: cold, birch trees, and pine. And before you ask, it's called Cold Urticaria and I didn't know it was a thing either. It definitely is though! Also, since you're familiar with Alaska, you'll know that means that for 8 months out of the year it feels like the weather is trying to kill her and for the remaining 4 months all the trees are!

Her doctor is having her take a Claritin every day now and that has seemed to help a little bit. Her father has severe allergies and gets a shot every year for them that helps greatly. She will likely end up going that route this spring.

Again, thanks for the topic and good discussion!


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