I've had that issue most of my life!  Grew up in one of the world's allergy capitals, the Mississippi River valley in the plains.  Moved to Alaska, and found I wasn't near as allergic to the stuff that grows there.  Discovered there was a sense of smell!  Who knew the world has odors??  Unfortunately, I found this out during our first breakup, where months of frozen dog walking remnants all thaw out at the same time!  

Moved to Florida, and right back into allergy area.  A couple of years back, decided to go to an allergist, because NOTHING was working for me.  They did a scratch test, inoculating my back with a whole bunch of different allergens.  The idea is you get local inflammation at the sites containing stuff you're allergic to.  My whole back lit up!   They were astonished;  the nurse told me she'd never seen anyone allergic to so many things!  (The doctor said he had, but only a few)  Every grass.  Every weed, except Goldenrod (huh??).  Almost every bush, all the trees, my cats and dogs, but not horses.  Only a few molds.  So, basically, I'm allergic to the outdoors.

Fexofenadine, 250 mcg (I think) helps a lot. It's expensive, but it works, and isn't prescription.  So does fluticasone propionate nasal spray, for the nasal cavities.  This one's prescription. For the most part, this takes care of things, but I do also have an antihistamine eyedrop for when things get really bad.  Don't have the name handy, since I don't use it near as much as I thought I would;  mostly during pine and oak pollen season, when everything around turns greenish yellow from the pollen precipitation. 

I'd start with the over the counter Fexofenadine first, since it's readily available.  Odds are that's all you'd need, unless you're cursed like me.  If so, then a visit to an allergist is going to be well worth it!

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