LOL, "... isn't backpacking just getting to your next campsite so you can eat?"

I once wrote an extensive post/article on backpacking food options and "freezer bag cooking" was included, essentially eliminating the need for a titanium cook set, plates and fuel (I've tried most Mountain House meals and almost all are good!)

However, don't get me wrong, fresh food can be an option too (though a limited one). For example, for my first few days out, I often include in my food bag a number of fresh food items like hard vegetables (i.e. potatoes, carrots, onions) and even bacon which will keep for a day or two in your pack if you pack it strait out of the freezer. Even fresh eggs can be packed if you use plastic egg carriers.

You can also cook by wrapping your meal/s in foil at home, then putting foil package in the coals at camp. Steak and potatoes with a side of fresh vegetables? NO PROBLEM! But if you really want to impress other campers, cooking BACON in camp is second only to BAKING in camp! I can routinely count on having people stop by when I prepare bannock/scones, or other baked goods at the fire pit!