I want to share something I personally have been pretty excited about for the past few years.

I use caltop.com to create extremely detailed 1:24.000 hiking maps and then transfer the data to gaigps on my iphone.

What I want to share, and I may have gotten this tip from Surka, is I send this map in .pdf format to my local UPS store and have them print out each page in color 11"X17". 

This size and clarity you get from professional printing is absolutely fantastic!

It only costs about $1.00 a page and is normally ready from my local store in about an hour!  What a deal!

I highly recommend this.

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You can also download and print on waterproof paper and/or use an app like Backcountry Navigator (which I highly recommend), literally TWICE as detailed as any paper USGS or Forestry map! (yes, of course you should still bring a paper map and compass as backup).