Hey we are seeing if anyone who has a bad back or back issues has any experience with framed child hiking backpacks. I have had a full spinal fusion and while my back is strong amd I am very fit I have a 14in. Long rod in my spine that makes it necessary for good support. At this point I am looking into the Thule Sapling Elite, Osprey Poco AG plus, and the Dueter Kid Comfort. I was able to try on the osprey and dueter in store and did have concerns with the osprey (dig into my bony hips a bit if it was on my back correctly) and haven't been able to try the thule. We live in Oregon and we hike a lot in all terrains so comfort is WAY more important than cost. So anyone who hikes long hikes with any of these and has insight on back support for the wearer I would appreciate it!!