@Philreedshikes If you are not familiar with the Squeeze or the CNOC Vectro then I can take a picture but I need to root around for it.

If you mean the Camco 20183 1" Hose Filter Washer, it just replaces the stock  washer on the "dirty water" side end of the Sawyer Squeeze.  There is not really any magic to it if you are familiar with the Squeeze.  The Camco 20183 washer is just a rubbery washer with a domed stainless steel filter mesh instead of a hole.  You can find it online. It is intended for use with an RV water hookup hose so presumably is potable safe as oppose to those made for a 1" garden hose that may not be.  Those would work for size if you are not that picky.  I just figured it was better to have a removable pre-filter on the Sawyer Squeeze.  You need to have a spare washer because it is easy to lose the embedded washer when you backflush the filter.  You can't get a good seal for the "Squeezing" without that washer installled.  The Camco washers don't have the little retaining tabs like the stock washer which may make them easier to lose.