One thing that's good to impress a group is baking something over your backpacking stove. 

I like using an off-the-shelf muffin mix (one that uses water only), mix it up in a large zip lock, you have to use/carry something called a 'bake-packer', basically a 2 qt pot, with a 1" high aluminum grid that sits in the bottom of the pot. 

Fill the pot with water to the height of the grid, set the zip lock, partially closed, inside, cover, bring to a boil, then simmer for 20 min or so, et voila! you have a giant muffin cooked up (steamed) inside the zip lock. 

Pros: impresses and tastes great on the trail.  Cons: extra weight, uses a lot of your fuel.  Best on shorter hikes.

Another one that has been absolutely loved in the past - Bring some gluhwein ( I carry it in a plastic water bottle), bring it out around the campfire after dinner on a cold winters' night, heat it up over your stove, guaranteed you will be the hero!

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