LOL! So true about the MH biscuits/gravy & chicken/dumplings, I had to chuckle!

I'm lazy and did MH for years and years (lasagna is great! but concrete on your spoon...and...need a long spoon to keep food off you knuckles)

Then I was shamed around the campfire by all my energetic friends dehydrating their own food and vacuum bagging it.  My wife makes great chili, which I would dehydrate with TLC, but it just never tasted the same at camp.

Did I mention laziness?  So I'm back to MH.

I love the flour tortillas for lunch, also with peanut butter, but also alternate packets of squeeze cheddar cheese which, imo, is fantastic!

I rebag my MH meals into a freezer ziplock and just pour in boiling water; In my mind it's lighter, more compactable. (no cleaning required) I also carry a few extra ziplocks, in case I'm not hungry enough, in order to split the meal for later use.

For breakfast, Quaker oats oatmeal packets, in a freezer ziplock, with walnuts and raisins added. Coffee is the starbucks packets. 2 per day.

I also throw in a daily candy bar, some cheese sticks, large ziplock of M&Ms w/peanuts, sometimes a large bag of mixed nuts or cashews, maybe some 'combo's (smash resistant), I need a salty snack ever so often. (now I'm getting hungry) I don't eat this crap at home.  I try to pack about 2000 cal/day but almost never make it...or need it.

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