I've struggled with lightening my load for years. The biggest culprits for adding to pack weight for me are:

  • Redundant items or items that don't serve multiple purposes 
  • Too much clothing - I carry an extra shirt, bra, and a pair of shorts, in addition to my hiking shirt and pants, that I'll usually wear when I have to do laundry. I probably will ditch those this year and maybe just walk around naked when doing laundry. 😉 just kidding 
  • Too much food - I always think I'll end up starving to death if we have to take an extra on-trail zero-day or if something happens. Also, I've doubled up on portions just to get the calories needed. I've since scaled down the portions to singles and stopped carrying too much extra food. I still pack a little bit for an emergency, but I don't go overboard now. I was actually hungry (ok, starving) this past year on the PCT. This one is difficult to balance what you actually need. I do repackage my food into Ziplocs though to save weight (and space); the packaging for freeze-dried/dehydrated meals adds up. 
  • Comfort Items - Things that I could really do without, but still don't feel comfortable ditching, like my overloaded first-aid kit. 
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