a coupla thoughts on the CDT comments (I tried to answer down there, but got error message)

I believe the base weight refers to everything in your pack, not just 'the big 3', but minus food/water, as a base weight of 15lbs of just pack/tent/sleeping stuff is off. (example Osprey exos 2.5lbs, zpacks duplex 1.5lbs, 20F bag/quilt 2lbs) so the big 3 would be 5-8lbs (?) does that sound right?

Also, I find many people bring too many clothes.  I recommend one set of clothes to hike in - EVERY DAY and then something to change into when and if those become wet when at camp; presumes putting the wet clothes back on each day and hike until dry/warm. Bring some extra socks and wash as necessary. Don't try this in winter.

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