@wolson...Sure but is the CDT a pleasant backpacking trip or an exercise in endurance that happens to involve carrying a backpack?

What weight you want to carry depends on whether you are "hiking to camp" or "camping to hike" or to put it another way on how far and fast you need to travel. Hiking a couple of miles to a lake and hanging out for a couple of days is a very different experience than hiking 10+ miles a day for 6 months. With the former you are going to want a camp chair and a frying pan and maybe a kitchen sink albeit light ones. For the latter you want to carry the minimum you can get away with (a pole with an apple wrapped in a bandana seems to be the goal of some) so you can hike fast enough and far enough to make the miles before next winter.

The goal is not necessarily to have the lightest pack in the room but to have the lightest pack that allows you to get what you want out of the particular trip for a reasonable incremental cost. What is "reasonable" generally depends on the thickness of your wallet.