Hello - thanks so much for all of this super helpful information! 

I just discovered that the first 8 places I plan to camp will all have bear lockers. I think I can fit 8-9 days worth of food in my pack, and then carry the rest in a bear bag for the first few days. I'm not sure if the rangers will find this acceptable, though... but otherwise I think this solution is the easiest.

It's not ideal to carry this much food, but this is a trip I really want to take. I'm going to look into that larger canister as well as a possible stock food drop-off, though from I see this looks VERY expensive.

Also, I backpack pretty light, so the weight of the food isn't a huge deal. My base pack weight is around 20lbs, without food and water, so I'm looking to start off carrying around 35lbs total, and each day shed 1.5ish as I eat. There's plenty of water, too, so I won't need to carry too much extra.

Oldguyot, THANK YOU so much for taking the time to write up all of this super helpful information. Happy hiking!

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