I'm a female looking for a down coat/jacket for 30 degree weather with a hood preferably! Also, it NEEDS to be packable into its own pocket or a sack of some sort so I can fit in in my backpack. Can anyone help? Thanks 🙂 


I got the men's version of the Outdoor-Research Transcendent down hoodie which I quite like.


It is medium puffy and medium weight with good features for a good price and packs into its own pocket forming a small pillow.  I assume the women's version does the same.  The cut is a bit more shaped so there are differences but I would expect it to perform similarly.

I wore mine in the evenings and mornings in the Sierras this summer and was warm enough.  The temperature dipped below 30 at night. It is hard to say if it will be warm enough for you since that varies a lot between people and depends what other layers you plan on wearing.

It is not "dri-down"  so you will need to keep it dry with a wind/rain shell if you need to wear it when it is raining.


@mschristine as someone who runs pretty cold, I would recommend checking out the REI Co-op Magma jacket - it's filled with down (which typically keeps me more comfortable than synthetic insulation), packs into a pocket, has a hood, and is thin enough to fit under a rain coat, should you need that extra layer. Hope that helps!

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It is on the pricier end, but I have an Arc'teryx Cerium LT hooded, and this sucker is amazing. Keeps you comfortable in the 30's. Easy to add layers and keep you warm down into the teens as well. And packs into itself. 

Recently got the Patagonia's down sweater, and love it just the same! However doesn't have the pack down that you're looking for. 

 Best of luck!