I have gone back and forth about the Ursak bear bag for years. Many of the reviews I read online and the advice I've gotten in stores is conflicting. I know they're not approved as bear-proof in certain national parks. But, outside of those areas, is there any consensus on whether the bear bag is a safe bet for backpacking?


Hey @marykate,

Great question! I just spoke with a ranger at Denali National Park about this very question and they have recently updated their regulations for BRFC (Bear Resistant Food Canisters) to include the Ursak Major and Ursak Allmighty models. While nothing is 100% guaranteed, both of these seem to be pretty effective deterrents for hungry and curious grizzly bears.

I always recommend and reinforce good bear safety when traveling in the backcountry. I also recommend the Opsak odor-proof bags for inside the bear bag. Additionally, it is advised to wash your bear bag after each trip to remove the smells that inevitably get on it during your adventure. I hope this helps. Thanks!


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Thanks, @REI-JohnJ! That's great to hear the regulations have been updated. I carried a bear canister in Denali, actually, and it was less than ideal.

I appreciate your advice!