Calling all Nashville folks!
I am a lightweight/ultralight hiker, and  I am trying to plan a hiking trip with two of my other buddies. We all live in separate states and try to do one hiking trip a year with each other. However, this year, we are looking to bring our families along in the journey. We aren’t looking for them to join us on our trek, but we’d like to target a location where we can rent a cabin for our families, and then the Dads can go on a short over nighter or 2-nighter hike. 
We have targeted the Nashville area, as the Nashville airport is most convenient for us all to travel to. I am reaching out to see if anyone has suggestions for a State Park or National Forest that would satisfy our desires mentioned above? Where would you recommend we travel to from the Nashville airport in order to rent a large cabin (11 people total- 6 adults and 5 children under the age of 4), is convenient to find a 2-3 day trailhead from said cabin (looking for something between 15-25 miles), yet still within a reasonable driving distance from the Nashville airport (2-3 hours max driving distance)?
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