There is always some give-and-take with this stuff, right?

Individual sleep systems will certainly inhibit quality snuggling, but your comfort and sleep will be enhanced.

Rainy Olympic NP!

When I’m out by myself, I carry a Duplex, which is superb in rainy, wet conditions. It sets up quickly, and—owing to the single-wall design—the inside stays dry if you need to set it up in the rain. Keeping the inside of a double wall tent dry during setup in the rain is sometimes challenging.  If I was sharing a tent with a partner at Olympic, I would probably shell-out the clams for a Triplex, but you are interested in free standing tents, so let’s look at something else.

My long-range hiking buddy (who is 6’4”) really likes his BA Tiger Wall UL 3. It has served him very well over the last couple of years when he backpacks with his two young sons. It is still his tent of choice when we embark on longer trips. BA makes a great shelter, and you already know that as you own one yourself.  Have you looked at this BA offering?

My Duplex is just not big enough on those occasions when I hit the trail with my son, so I’m really close to picking up one of these tents. I love the awning feature, which I think would add a lot of functionality to a tent in a rainy place like Olympic. Stuck inside a tent is just not that fun. With this model I can imagine myself sitting under the awning in a gentle rain drinking some coffee. Nice.