@HikerBot I just tried out the calculation on a thru-hike of the Long Trail in VT for my partner and I.  I used the weights we wanted to be and 25 for him and 30 for me as I have a high metabolism.  This came out to 3300 calories for me and 3950 for him which I combined to build a meal plan for us.  We hiked for 18 days and gorged ourselves in town one day a week while resupplying and still lost more weight than planned.  We were both in decent shape when we started as far as hiking for 10-15 miles/ day for weekend trips.  Maybe the calculation also depends on the terrain and how hard you push?  He definitely had low blood sugar at times and didn't have the stamina he wanted, so I think we may have needed more (or I was eating more than my fair share....).  I really don't like the calculation of 1-2 lbs a day, because calories are very different between food choices.  I mailed two resupply boxes and shifted the higher calorie dinners and snacks to the last week's pickup and the box actually weighed a few lbs. less than the first box!  We also purchased 12 additional snack bars for week 2, so I think I should have used 30 for both of us!  It'll be a lesson learned for next trip!