You're definitely going to want a 3-person tent for the two of you. Any 2P backpacking tent is really a "1.5" person tent.  Also, I strongly recommend a tent that has a little longer floor length to accommodate your height of 6ft1.  The typical 2 or 3 person backpacking tent is very tight for taller guys, not a problem for someone that's 5ft2, but it is for 6ft+ guys.  If I stretch a little bit, I can touch both ends of my Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 with my toes & head.  The problem with the most of the zpacks tent is that the roof is very close to the floor where your head & feet would be.  

If you're care camping and just day-hiking, you can't go wrong with REI's "Kingdom" series tents.  Easily large enough to accommodate a queen-sized air mattress.