I had an absolute RIOT with the last question I posted about your favorite knots. Now let's give this one a try! Since we all have our own favorite knots, I'd like to know what is your favorite Tarp pitch! Now the twist..... Tell us your pitch, but than tell us HOW YOU DO IT!!! Nothing detailed unless you feel inclined. And if your really ambitious include a photo! Who's up for this one. I'll post the question and be back in a bit to post instructions and a pic. Have fun folks! I'm looking forward to this one too!

Generally I pitch my tarp on a slant, leaving it firmly on the ground in the direction of the anticipated breezes.. Sometimes I will place my hiking staff or a convenient branch to support a ridgeline and drop the sides, if the tarp is big enough to support the intended occupancy.  I generally fasten the assemblage with bowlines, taut line hitches, prusiks, or whatever works.

Tarps are fine, as long as you don't encounter significant storms.....

If I am in the right terrain, I actually prefer a rock shelter to any kind of tent or tarp, but they are not always handy.....





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So your's is a basic lean to! Love it! Down and dirty yet still efficient!


Tent w/Floor


2 paracord lines

1 pole

5 - stakes


Lay out the tarp, waterproof side up

Stake down the back 2 corners.

FIRST pick up the Non staked corners and carry around to a corner, attach to stake

Locate a middle tie down and stake down

Locate the remaining middle tie down, and attach Paracord

Insert a pole and lift it tight.

Stake down remaining loops

For more room, attach paracord to the ridge line loops and pull tight to a stake

Sorry, no picture. They are to big for REI to let me post them




I like the diamond setup.  Stake one corner down, run a line to a tree, or use a hiking pole, shorter line and a stake to prop up the opposite corner about waist high.  Pull out and stake down the loose opposing corners.  Quick, easy and provides lots of coverage.


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That is a definite nice pitch. My sister & BIL just went to Yellowstone for a month and I insisted they take a number of my "Just in case" items. You know, a ferro rod, lantern, first aid kit, fire kit and Yes my favorite 10x10 tarp. The plow point was the first pitch I taught them. Great coverage and lot's of room! Good choice Hikes_in_Rain! I like this one too

Fairly new to tarp camping.

A frame with back side closed.

Stake all four corners, By now I know how much spacing works well enough. I just put the hiking pole on one end and adjust the height base on the pitch. Works well as long as the wind is NOT blowing in. If wind is blowing in I will Re pitch 90degrees. I also like pitching open end close to a bush. This blocks stray winds and possible water. This can technically work with 5 stakes and a tent pole, but I like a bit more security of stake in the middle too. So 9 stakes plus a hiking pole.

I haven't used that one before but it is on my list of "Must Tries". I just purchased a 10 x 14 and I'll bet this would make a perfect setup for that tarp!


Its really quick. About 15 mins to setup and 20 to take down. Probably faster. The REI 8.5x8.5 tarp works well or 2 people plus backpacks. give me about 5.5-6 foot wide by 6 foot long foot print. If I raise the back center a foot or so, I can get slightly more leg room and makes it more like a A frame. I will take pics next time!

Do you raise that back with a trekking pole or with a paracord attached to a tie down on the rear? I'm really looking forward to seeing pictures of this bugger. I think I have the general idea but would love to see how your pitch is done! Thank you roadtrip!