That's pretty sweet but will it handle paracord or rope's?


If you can fit both lines and the the tail in the channel, you are good to go with a larger diameter lines.

However, it is too compact for the lines you mentioned. 

I found this fishing accessory tool extremely useful working with very thin and delicate fishing line (Example 2 lb. Test Tipit) and found it so efficient, the tool hangs from its lanyard around my neck, on all of my fly fishing adventures. 


Figure of eight for the win (sometimes a double)!

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One of my favorite knots! Though until today I never knew what it was called!

I like most of the knots that have been posted, learned about the 3D Knots app and about a new knot (the Munter hitch) from the picture of the 3D knots app.

I carry a 4 foot piece of paracord with sharpie marks every foot in my pocket every day. It's used as a measuring tape, as well as to keep my hands busy on long conference calls.

One knot I have not seen mentioned yet is the constrictor knot, a variation of the clove hitch. It's a great knot to tie around a bundle of things that needs to be cinched up tight - but very difficult to untie. It also works well to put a lanyard on things that the rope might otherwise come off of. I used some 3mm utility cord to put a lanyard on a piezo sparker for my pocket rocket stove last night.

I never used the Constrictor but after reading your response I looked it up on my 3D Knots app and practiced it a number of times. It really does look like it's going to hold very well. Thank you!

As for your 4 foot piece of P-cord. Well you sound just like me HA. I carry one around with me most times just to practice different knots. The neighbors think I'm nutz but hey, at least I'm not alone in that aspect. I also like that you have 1 foot marks on it. That truly does make a down and dirty tape measuring device. Again  thank you!

My favorite is the Sheepshank.  It's used to shorten a line without cutting it.  Truth be told, I almost never use it;  it seems to be much ado about nothing, and barely serves a purpose.  I like stuff like that.  😁

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Canadian cinch knot. Used to bind gear

half hitch's.  2 half hitches and a square knot and you can pull the world.

square knot


Garlic Knots are my absolute favorite!

“Knot” knowing what a Garlic Knot was, I had to look it up. 

Your post is of a brilliant mind at work. 👍