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I have several National Parks patches to apply to my nylon pack. I tried sewing one, but with the thickness of the patch and the bag, it didn't work. Has anyone successfully used an adhesive to apply patches? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!




Hi @loric - Thanks for reaching out!

While it is hard to say for certain without seeing your bag in person, a silicone seam sealant will usually work well to apply those patches. You can spread the sealant thinly over the back of the patch, press it firmly onto the pack in the desired location, then leave it overnight with something heavy holding it down. With multiple patches you may have to do this over a few days, but you should be good to go! 

Hopefully this helps!

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Yes! This is helpful! Thank you!

oh man, talk about timely, I just finished hand sewing some holes on the back of the stretchy nylon pocket of my exos 58.

I thought about sewing one of the many patches I have, but that's a real hassle for exactly the reasons you gave.

I was thinking about using my wife's hot glue gun to secure a patch over the hole I sewed, but I really don't want to lose the patch on the trail.

Years ago, when I was really into patches on my pack, I tried gluing, but they eventually fell off.  Sewing is the only 'for sure' method I've found so far.

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I glue the patch on first to hold it in place then sew around the edges to keep it on permanently. If waterproofness is important then apply some seam sealer on the stitching inside the pack.


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This is a useful gadget for sewing heavy cloth at least for small jobs