ok, so kinda reporting back from my Gila Wilderness trip (end of may) and Bridger Wilderness trip (early july)

- my helinox chair is not really a luxury, I guess, as someone above noted, because I need to rest my back, and sitting on a bear can or log doesn't really doesn't do the trick.  But I note I can use it when in my tent for extended rains.  Not in the usual configuration of course,but without the legs attached and laid on its side.  Really a neat trick, imo.

- still crossing streams in my trail runners, they warm back up in minutes, and will dry out in the sun.

- in camp, if necessary, I put on some water proof socks, if the runners are soaked and I want to keep my feet dry (going in and out of tent)

- I need to mention that I have found that walking around in sandals, around camp, going down to the stream for water, etc., invites....chigger bites or some sort of nasty insect bites.  so I need to remember to wear some socks, even though I'd rather not after walking all day in wet runners.  else use some bug spray on the feet.

- I ditched my pot and just boiled water in my cup. that worked fine.

- confirmed I can go with just one 210gr canister for ten days, just boiling water for all meals.

- also can confirm that 11 days of food is EFFING HEAVY! and if your group has members out of shape, this will ruin a planned itinerary!  Also this heavy food=equally heavy pack and increases chances of hot spots/blisters...which if the poor souls ignore warnings to treat a hot spot, will also ruin an itinerary. Some folks just do not listen/pay attention/learn from experience.

- bailed on the planned JMT hike due to wildfires starting up, double glad as the august dragged on.

Virginia is baking also, with heat index exceeding 100F almost every day this month, have retreated to AC.

My hiking bud wants to do the 77mi 'foothills' trail in SC in 2 wks, but nights are still scorching and miserable, we'll see.

Some random pics

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