REI is a good choice for first boots/shoes as you can return them within 1 year.  Major imortance!!

Please don't discount the use of a smaller than boot solution.  Trail runners seem to have taken over as the favorite backpacking footwear.  After over 35yrs of boots, I switched to trailrunners and the only thing that's changed is the massive comfort level of a very 'cushion-y', extrememly lighter weight comfort not found with a boot. Now approaching 5yrs in trail runners.  I do use my boots in the winter however for the extra grip, especially if there's going to be snow.  But...and there's always a but....trailrunners are fine walking of packed summer snow.

If you watch through hikers on the AT, PCT, or CDT, you will only see trail runners!  Something to think about.

ps - don't rely on gore tex to keep feet dry!  Bring an extra pair of dry socks for around camp (cover feet in a plastic bag if you wear the wet boots around camp), then put back on the wet pair the next day to try to dry while walking.


REI member since 1979

REI Member Since 1979