When I joined the Army I chose to be a grunt(MOS-11B), although with a 100/100 score on the ASVAB I was offered any MOS I wanted. They teach you a lot about living in different environments for weeks at a time, more than airborne, rangers, sniper, HALO, and even SF. Throughout all of that training and then deployment I never forgot the two most important things about being on bivouac - stay hydrated and take care of your feet. 
  Always carry a good stiff brush to clean the soles of your boots, wipe the rest of your boots with a cloth or something similar and sleep with your boots inside your sleeping bag. If you have the luxury of sleeping in a tent with a contiguous floor you can probably get away with putting them in a bag. It’s best to let them dry for a few hours every 24 hours if you can so you don’t get trench foot.

  I still sleep with them in my sleeping bag but with modern tents you’re more than likely to be safe leaving them anywhere in the tent.

  Sorry about the long post and of course these are just my opinions.