Dear people!

My name is Lian and I am currently planning a trip to New Zealand.

I have a backpack of 55L that I will bring with me but I am now looking into a proper backpack that I can store in my main backpack during hte longer travels and then when I go on 1 or up to couple of day hikes take the smaller backpack instead. 

Love to hear about your opinions as so far I have quite the list of which the following are on the top:

  • Ultimate direction 20L pack (It looks comfortable to wear)
  • Matador Beast28 (is packable into a tiny package, large to pack more for day trips but looks les comfortable)
    • Couple of others my eys caught were: 
      • Rei co-op 22pack
      • Patagonia several versions
      • Alps Canyon 20 pack

My main needs are: 

  • Needs an hydration pocket for my waterbladder 
  • Needs to be packed into my larger backpack

THANK YOU ALL for your input and time to help me so I can focus on other important steps. 

Safe travels!