Been fun seeing where people first backpacked or their food adventures, but let's try something else. For those who've managed more than a few trips, where would you go to introduce somebody to backpacking? Um, to be clear, so they like it, not so they regret ever leaving the road [that would be another thread]. I'll start.

I've had the privilege of taking several people into the wilderness on their first ever trip and my favorite has been the High Sierra Trail from Crescent Meadow to Upper Hamilton Lake. The trail is pretty gentle, but as it winds along the side of Alta Peak, the views are great and frequent. An evening at Bearpaw Meadow, watching the sunset colors move across the Great Western Divide, is awesome, and a camp or at least an afternoon at Upper Hamilton, with its shallow, wade-able granite shelf at the outlet area and the peaks rising so dramatically around Valhalla is straight out of 19th century landscapes. Usually would be a nice 2-3 day trip.

But I'll bet there are other suggestions every bit as good...