I wanted to reach out and connect with you on this topic. As my family and I have begun to expand our adventures this summer, we have come to realize that our close proximity to Mt. Rainier National Park (less than an hour away) gives us some tremendous opportunities to get outside, even just for a day trip. However, about 15 miles before we get to the park entrance we completely lose cell coverage. As such, I've been reading reviews and info on satellite messengers voraciously, attempting to see which would be the best fit for our needs. I landed on the Zoleo, (in part because of your review here!) and it arrived earlier this week. I used your advice here during set up and it was a breeze! I used it in our neighborhood (in airplane mode) and everything seems to be working perfectly. I'm hoping to use it 'for reals' in the coming week and see how it does nearer the mountain. 

Thanks for taking the time to do this write up, it was super helpful!

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