I wouldn't carry a bear can in GA.  Hanging your food should be sufficient.  Just learn the proper way to set up a food hang and get good at throwing a rope over a tree.  We keep a carabiner tied to the end of ours which gives it weight and helps with the set up.

But speaking of raccoons, they are smart, not overly afraid of people, and will move coolers from under benches and open all kinds of containers to get your food so don't leave stuff laying around.  Create a good food hang and hang anything with fragrance or food or used in food prep.  The bigger issue with raccoons in GA is rabies.  When I was in Savannah, I had a racoon jump out of a dumpster right into my arms and he scratched me as he ran away.  At that time, an estimated 10% of raccoons in Chatham County carried rabies.  Not sure if that is true for the entire state or where you will be, but don't argue with a raccoon if one gets into your stuff.  The rabies series is not fun.

Found Myself Outside