While I love having something hot for breakfast besides oatmeal, the price of the prepackaged freeze dried meals is a turnoff. I came up with a recipe for biscuits and gravy, that IMHO is better than the Mountain House one that I've tried. It does require some work/time and an investment in a can of freeze dried sausage crumbles, but is well worth it.

For my dinner meals, I typically buy freeze dried meat and dehydrate the rest of the meal, and vacuum seal in a mylar bag with an O2 absorber. I then store these meals in my closet so they're ready to just grab and go. This is the same idea. So here it is:

2 Pillsbury Grands frozen biscuits, baked, broken into quarter size pieces, and dehydrated.

1/3 package McCormick country sausage gravy mix (2 cup package)

1/2 cup Daily Bread freeze dried pork sausage crumbles

Place gravy mix and sausage crumbles in mylar bag with O2 absorber. Place biscuits in separate baggie and put that inside mylar bag, vacuum seal the mylar bag.

To prepare, open mylar bag, remove biscuits and O2 aborber, add 10 oz of near boiling water and stir well. Wait 5 minutes, add biscuits. Wait another 5 minutes and it's ready.

If you plan to vacuum bag with mylar bags, there are special ones that will work with a vacuum bagger, the regular mylar ones won't vacuum. I get the bags and O2 absorbers from Amazon.

The total cost of this meal, including the mylar bag, O2 absorber, all ingredients, and the shipping on the sausage crumbles, works out to $3.28 per meal. I can make 22 of these meals from one can of sausage, so I use some in other meals. bg.jpg

This is my wife's sample, and she says it's good, so that's something LOL.


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