This is a good question. I haven’t had the most positive experiences camping, but for good reason. My first time camping was in junior high in a tiny tent I shared with a friend, and I had no guidance on how to manage any of it and the tent was full of dew, with no room to move around. The other times I went camping was with my ex, who I relied on totally and who was a very bad planner. My allergies kicked up from the dust on the blanket that hadn’t been washed in a long time. I also ended up staying awake, needing to go to the bathroom, unsure of what to do. Feeling more confident about what to do in the wilderness when needing to relieve myself would make the biggest difference for me. Basically, there was no planning involved for these trips. At all. There was one really lovely campsite we went to and I had this feeling like it *could* be a nice thing to do… if well-planned. But I haven’t even made that leap. I was not introduced to it in the best ways and totally left it up to those I was around. If I’d do it on my own, I do feel like I could appreciate it so much more. It just makes sense to camp as part of a longer trail, and there are too many of the longer ones I’m interested in.