“The one piece of advice…”. - Slow down.  Its easy to get in the habit of bagging peaks, completing long hikes in record time, covering great distances and other measurable goals.  Its equally easy to miss much of what is going on in nature.  The outdoors can present exciting challenges of all sorts.  All of these are fun and sometimes worthwhile.  To really really understand the worlds you are entering into, you have to really just be still in nature for extended periods of time.  When you literally just sit in a place for several hours, or day, or more, then you really start to see the place.  The plants, insects, weather, animals, geology, patterns of day and night and the like start to reveal themselves. This is when you really disconnect from our normal patterns of achievement and being to see and experience the world you’ve chosen to spend some time in.  So in practical terms, consider building sufficient time into trips to just be in one place.  This may mean less miles, or it may preferably mean adding an extra day to the trip to spend time exploring one spot on your journey a little/lot more deeply.  Sure some trips will just be bagging a peak, but try to give yourself some trips where your goal is just to experience nature.  

“Take care of the earth”