"This hiker did not take on a very ambitious hike. That roue is commonly walked by hundreds of people every year. I bet this hiker was in very good condition too."

Quite true, but this is also a trail on which the park concession will ring down a mule or horse to drag you out if you request - ther are MANY of these each year.  I don't eleven they are even totaled as rescues.  I also believe there is a fee.

Grand Canyon is weird.  Th N/S Kaibab - Bright Angel Trail system is superbly built and maintained, the best I have ever seen.  It is used by large multitude every year, so much so that capacity limits are in place.

The parks are places to commune and bond with unspoiled nature.  When they do this well, they attract people.  Eventually this leads to overcrowding and all the associated problems, thereby lessening the ability to see unspoiled nature.....

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