The tragedy of that death is compounded by the fact that it likely could have been prevented. Having never hiked the GC myself (yet), I do know that it's no joke and Summer is when I would least want to hike it. Even outside of higher than expected heat waves, triple digit temps for the canyon are the norm.

But on a bigger picture, I think one of the greatest issues ("dangers" maybe?) that new people face is the "happy happy joy joy YouTube channels". I wrote something akin to this yesterday on a Facebook group talking about a hiker who was rescued from Mt Katahdin.

There's an underlying problem of YouTubers only posting positive, happy sentiments about their treks and never addressing just how challenging it is. You may see someone as they're catching their breath on top of a summit but you'll never see them struggling to make it up. They won't show you how they stopped several times to get their heart rate lower or to sit down because the heat was causing them to be lightheaded. You will just be shown how great it is; mentioning how hard something is tends to be frowned upon.

So a lot of people who are new to the activity see these videos and don't realize that they're being shown a very select amount of clips with an overly positive spin put on it. Then they think it's much easier than it is and that's when SAR gets called and everyone hopes it's a rescue and not a recovery.

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” (John Muir)

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